About Us

Nakhlah Institute is an Islamic educational initiative with an aim to revive Islamic culture, character, and identity by educating women of all ages. Nakhlah strives to provide individuals with opportunities for traditional Islamic learning, designed with modern contexts and lifestyles in mind. Currently, there are three levels for teaching the Arabic Language, each with their own timings and levels of intensity, providing students a degree of flexibility in their quest for knowledge. We are continuing to expand our current programs, as well as initiate new programs and services for the benefit of the community.

Nakhlah Institute's most recent project is Ta'leemul Fada'il Wal Masa'il. This project offers brief audio sessions teaching the virtues of actions, short stories from the life of the Sahabah and Messenger (S.A.W.), the obligatory essentials of Fiqh, Ahadith, and delivers them to the masses on a regular basis in three languages; Arabic, English, and Urdu.

Through this project, Nakhlah strives to embody its description in the Quran. Allah mentions the Nakhlah tree in many places in the Quran for its benefits. Allah Most High states in Surah Ibrahim, verse 24-25:


Have you not seen, how God has struck a similitude? A goodly saying, which is, "there is no god but Allah, is as a goodly tree, a palm tree; nakhlah, its root set firm, in the ground, and its shoots, its branches, are in heaven. It gives its produce, it's fruits, every season by the leave of its Lord. And God strikes similitudes for mankind so that they might remember, be admonished, and therefore believe.

We ask Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala for tawfeeq and acceptance.